Gajwan Powder / Citrullus Colocynthis / 100% Natural-100g


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100% Natural | Chemical Free | Ethically Sourced | No Preservatives | No Food Additives | No Food Colours | Healthy |


  • It improves weakness of nerves, reduce mental fatigue and stress.
  • It is good for brain health.
  • It is cardiotonic, thus it strengthens the heart.
  • It controls and regulates the presence of cholesterol in the body.
  • Helps in providing long term relief from constipation, gas problem, etc.
  • It gives long term relief from stomach infection.
  • Helps in getting rid of chest pain.
  • It acts as a natural blood purifier and cools the body.
  • Helps reducing period pain.
  • It is good for skin and hair.


Gajwan is a well-known plant that has secured its place vividly in Ayurveda. The plant has shown extensive health benefits and is used for treating various health anomalies such as building the body’s immune system, providing relief from constipation, cholesterol, irritation in the bladder, etc.

It is also known to restore balances in the Pitta and regulates the body temperature by treating fevers or cooling down the body. Further, research shows that Gajwan has numerous phyto chemicals that can be used against bacteria.


100% Natural Gajwan Powder (Onosma Bracteatum)

  • Natural Gajwan Powder can be consumed with honey and a glass of warm water.
    Adult Dose: 3-5gm or ½ to 1 tbsp twice a day or as advised by Registered Medical Practitioner.

Note: Pregnant / Lactating Women/Kids are advised to consume herbal products under the supervision of healthcare practitioner.

1.   Protect your children and family members from cancer causing pesticides.

2.   Say goodbye to chemicals in your daily diet.

3.   Get the better taste of health and nutrition.

4.   Eat foods with international standards.

5.   Reduce health risks.

6.   Protect the earth as organic farming is eco friendly.

7.   Prevent water contamination from harmful Chemicals and Heavy Metals as there are no chemical pollutants in organic farming.                   

8.   Gain from the diversity of crops which is becoming a thing of the past.

9.   Help small farmers and eliminate middlemen to create sustainable livelihoods.

10. Stay in harmony with nature. 

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