Hibiscus Tea 50g & Lemongrass Tea 50g | 100% Organic | INDIA ORGANIC Certified | ISO & GMP Certified


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It has Anti Aging Property.

It helps in removal of toxins from the body.

Lemongrass has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help you cope with coldcough and flu.

Helps in Weight loss.

Lemongrass has a cooling energy which helps to soothe your stomach and keeps your digestive functions in check.

Lemongrass is a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are essential nutrients for beautiful skin and hair.


An Herb for Heart Wellness.

May Help Lower Blood Pressure.

Hibiscus Tea is very beneficial for enhancing the overall quality of hairs.

Hibiscus Tea has many benefits on skin. The anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial present in it keeps skin healthy and glowing.

Hibiscus Tea is a mild diuretic, which eases constipation and regulates bowel movement.


Lemongrass is an herb that is native to Sri Lanka and South India but now grows in many countries around the world. Dr.JPG Organic Lemongrass Grown organically without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Our products are hygienically proceed at INDIA ORGANIC Certified Facility.


100% Organic Lemongrass Dry Leaves.


Hibiscus is a delightful flower that comes in a variety of bright colors. This beautiful flower contains lot of medicinal properties and is used for healing multiple ailments. The flower is symbolic of divine energy and is commonly used in devotional ceremonies as important part of rituals.
Hibiscus is packed with lots of nutritional and anti-ageing properties and because of this people mostly uses it for treating all common skin and hair related problems such as premature ageing, graying of hair, rough hair, hair damage, acne, pimples, wrinkles and many more. Not only this, it can be used in management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, in proper functioning of kidneys and female reproductive system.


100% Pure Organic Hibiscus Flower (Rosa Sabdariffa)


Boil some lemongrass with water and add some Honey.

Honey or sweeteners can be added to the drink.

Add Some Hibiscus Flower In Hot water and cool it according to you.

Hibiscus tea can be consumed hot or cold.

Honey or sweeteners can be added to the drink and it can be prepared hot or cold.


1.   Protect your children and family members from cancer causing pesticides.

2.   Say goodbye to chemicals in your daily diet.

3.   Get the better taste of health and nutrition.

4.   Eat foods with international standards.

5.   Reduce health risks.

6.   Protect the earth as organic farming is eco friendly.

7.   Prevent water contamination from harmful Chemicals and Heavy Metals as there are no chemical pollutants in organic farming.                   

8.   Gain from the diversity of crops which is becoming a thing of the past.

9.   Help small farmers and eliminate middlemen to create sustainable livelihoods.

10. Stay in harmony with nature. 

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